Changing banks?  We strive to make this change a hassle-free process for our new customers! 

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Online Banking:
Simplify life by taking advantage of this great product that is provided to you absolutely free!  With Online Banking you can check your account balances, view your account activity, view images of cleared checks, request stop payments, and even submit an application for a VISA Debit card.  Also, you have the ability to transfer funds between accounts by either a one time request or setting up a scheduled/recurring transfer.  This makes it super easy to make a loan payment and perform other transactions from the convenience of home or the office!
Another great feature of Online Banking are the Alerts and Notifications that can be setup to help free your mind of worries and free your desk of sticky notes.  Simply setup a notification to remind yourself of your loan due date or past due date.  You can also setup a notification to keep up with your account balance whether by a Periodic Balance or a notification of a Balance under or over a specified amount.  If you are watching for a specific check to clear your account, you may also want to use the Check Cleared notification.  And for those other sticky notes piled up on your desk, you may setup a Personal Reminder to be sent for
absolutely anything whether bank related or not.  All notifications are sent directly to your email address to make things that much easier!

Bill Payment & Presentment:
Do you strive to have an easier, more efficient way to stay organized?  Do you have too many things going on to remember to pay your bills on time?  With LBC's Bill Pay & Presentment, you can accomplish all these things and more and best of all it is free!  After you have begun using Online Banking, simply sign up for Bill Payment & Presentment and after the 3 business day approval process, you will have the tools to make life that much easier, right at your fingertips.  Whether paying a one time bill or a monthly recurring bill, Bill Payment is the product to help you!  With Bill Payment, you can pay bills online with the click of a button after taking only a few minutes to setup your payee information.  Just grab last month's bills, enter the information into the system and in no time you will find that being organized is super easy.  Also, with the Payee List provided through Bill Payment & Presentment, you will find that the system does most of the work for you.  

With Bill Presentment, you can setup to receive bills online and even store the bills in the Online Banking product.  You may also choose to setup options to pay the bills as they come in such as "Pay the full amount of my bill if it is under $50, if not under $50 do not pay and send me a notification."  With the many options that you can setup with Bill Presentment, you can let the system do the worrying for you.
Online Banking with Bill Payment & Presentment can help you to save your time for the things
in life that really matter!


Auto Loans:  
Auto, motorcycle, boat, RV, if it gets you from point A to point B, we can help you get in it fast.  New or used, we're pleased to offer you competitive rates and various terms to fit your lifestyle.  Now deciding on what color to choose, we'll leave that to you.

Personal Loans:
Computers, electronics, furniture, debt consolidation, virtually anything you can think of, a personal loan from Lewisburg Banking Company has the flexibility to fit your borrowing needs.  Stop in today and see if you qualify for one of our many secured personal loans today.

Agriculture Loans:
Some of the best farmland in the state is located in our area.  Therefore, agriculture loans are important to you and the communities we serve.  We provide a variety of agricultural loans, which include products to assist in financing land purchases and improvements, farm production loans, and farm machinery and equipment loans.  Agriculture is part of our everyday lives and we want to be part of your operation.  Call on Billy who has a strong farm background and expertise to help make your Ag operation a successful one.

Residential Loans:
Looking to make that first home purchase?  Need more room for a growing family? We know a home is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Our experienced lenders are here to assist you in the purchase or refinance of your home.  We know choosing the right lender is a vital step during your home buying experience.  That's why our friendly staff is here to make certain your loan fits your unique situation and we'll make sure you understand all the details of your mortgage loan. We offer flexible terms and low closing costs on fixed and adjustable rate mortgage loans.  Call today to see which loan is perfectly suited for you!

Commercial Loans:
Starting that new business you've always wanted?  Expanding your current business?  From large corporations to non-profit organizations, we at Lewisburg Banking Company know the importance of large and small businesses in a community.  Capital improvements, lines of credit, and expansion loans are just a few ways we can help you be on your way.  And with our staff of experienced professional loan officers, we'll make sure you have the personal relationship and one-on-one support you would expect from a home owned, independent bank.

**NOTICE:  All of the above loan types are offered by Lewisburg Banking Company.  An application must be completed and in order to receive any of the above loans, you must qualify.  To apply for a loan and meet with a loan officer, please visit either of our office locations.  Prospective borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan.  




No monthly fee. 

No minimum balance requirement. 

$200 minimum to open account. 
Direct deposit of payroll/Social Security required if applicable.
Unlimited ACH, ATM, and VISA privileges.   
Foreign ATM fees of $2 per transaction.  
One free check order per year.  (Fast Track Check Style) 
Checks limited to 20 per month. 
$1 per check charge over 20 per month. 
Free online monthly statement.  Paper statements $2 each. 
Student/Minor thru age 18 exempt from fees.


Monthly fee based on minimum daily balance. 
 $200 minimun to open.

Daily Balance  Monthly Fee 
$0-999.99  $8.00
 $1000.00 or over  No charge.

  • 20 cent charge per check over 50 checks; waived with $1500 average daily balance. 


  • Interest bearing checking. 
  •  20 cent charge per check over 50 checks; waived with $2500 balance.
  • Interest rate payable and monthly fee based on average daily balance.  To obtain interest rates/APYs, please contact a Customer Service Representative at either office location.

Daily Balance Monthly Balance 
 $2500.00 or over  Super NOW Rate-No Fee
 $1500.00-2499.99  NOW Rate-No Fee
 $0-1499.99  No Interest- $8.00 Fee


  •  Free personalized checks.  (Club Check Style)
  •  Unlimited check writing privileges.
  •  $10,000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance.                      (Family coverage available upon request) 
  • No charge for money orders with a 3 per month limit.
  •  Monthly club fee only $8.00 for standard or $10.00 for family club.


  • Must be 55 or over. 
  •  $200 Minimun to open.
  •  One free check order per year.  (Senior Club Check Style)
  •  $10,000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance.
  •  No charge for money orders with 3 per month limit.
  • Interest payable on balances of $1500 or over. (Based on NOW rate.) To obtain interest rates/APYs, please contact a Customer Service Representative at either office location.
  •  $5.00 monthly club fee.



  • Must be 55 or over.
  • $200 Minimun to open.     
  • No interest paid. 
  • No minimum balance requirement. 
  • $2.00 monthly service fee. 
  • 20 cent charge per check over 25 checks; waived with $1000 average daily balance 

  • No interest paid. 
  • No minimum balance requirement. 
  • $1.00 monthly service charge; waived with $300 daily balance. 
  • 20 cent charge per check over 20 checks; waived with $1000 average daily balance 


  •  Interest paid at current money market rate.
  • Interest rate subject to change weekly.
  •  Six withdrawals are permitted each month.
  •  Excess withdrawal fee $10.00.
  •  Interest rate payable and monthly fee based on average daily balance. To obtain interest rates/APYs, please contact a Customer Service Representative at either office location.

 Daily Balance  Monthly Fee
$2500.00 or over  Current MM Rate- No Fee
 $1500.00-2499.99  NOW Rate- $8.00 Fee
 $0-1499.99  No Interest- $10.00 Fee


Monthly Fee based on average daily balance. 

Daily Balance 

Monthly Fee 

 $5000.00 or over  No Fee
 $0-4999.99  $10.00

  •  20 cent charge per debit item over 100; waived with $10,000 average daily balance.




  • $25 minimum required to open with quarterly statements, unless you combine your statement with checking. 
  • Interest earned on all balances.  Interest is credited quarterly.   To obtain rates/APYs for account, please contact a Customer Service Representative at either office location.
  •  3 free withdrawals per month; each additional withdrawal $3.00
  •  Account balances below $300 any one day will be charged a monthly fee of $3.00.
  •  Minors/full time students thru age 18 or non-profit organizations are exempt from monthly minimum balance fee.  Quarterly $1.00 service charge waived with $300 average daily balance.


 This great new savings program will allow purchases made with a VISA debit card to round up the purchase amount to the nearest whole dollar and the excess amount will be transferred automatically from the linked checking account and deposited into your LBC savings account.  To start "Making Cent$" today, sign up at any of our office locations!

*Notice: Other terms and restrictions may apply.  Prospective borrowers and/or borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan, deposit account, or VISA Debit Card.


Certificate of Deposits must be opened with $1000.00 or more.  Rates/APYs vary, please contact either of the Lewisburg Banking Company offices for
 additional information on terms and rates. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.  For additional terms and conditions please contact a customer service representative at of our offices. 
Lewisburg Banking Company



Applications for Visa Debit Cards are available upon request at both bank offices.  Cards are issued after officer approval.  Note that approval process may take up to 30 days.  After card is ordered, it may take up to 14 days to receive card and PIN number.  
*Applicants must be of legal age to apply for a VISA Debit Card.

**Please note that a Visa Debit Card linked to only a savings account may not be accepted at all locations that Visa is accepted.   


No Annual Fee/ No Usage Fee

Visa Debit Replacement Card Fee-  $5.00
Visa Debit Card PIN Fee-  $2.00

*Note that additional excess debit/withdrawal fees are subject to be applied.  Please refer to above account descriptions for information on these fees.


If you believe your Debit Card has been lost or stolen or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission call:

1-270-755-4818 OR 1-270-726-1270: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. -or-
1-800-264-4274: after normal business hours: nights/weekends
or write
Debit Card Customer Service Department
Lewisburg Banking Company
P.O. Box 278
Lewisburg, KY 42256


Sweep/Repurchase Agreement Account- This great new account offers flexibility and security for those more developed businesses. A daily sweep will allow businesses to manage the placement of funds more easily while allowing "extra" funds to earn interest. For more information and qualification, please speak with a financial officer. Account is subject to a one time setup fee of $75.00 and a monthly fee of $25.00 if balance requirements are not met. Minimum balance requirements are established when entering in to the "Repurchase Agreement".

Direct Deposit for Employees- A great new system allowing you to setup and manage a direct deposit payroll from the convenience of your office. Offer your employees the ability to access funds faster and easier than before. This new product also gives you, the employer, the security and assurance that your company’s account information and paper check is not lost or stolen. Another great quality is the time you will save with no longer printing, signing, mailing, and hand delivering all the paper checks. The direct deposit product is available to you for a one time setup fee of $75.00. A monthly recurring fee will be imposed based on the number of employees you have setup on the system: $25.00 monthly for up to 10 employees, $50.00 monthly for over 10 employees. This monthly fee includes 2 transmittals of payroll file; additional transmittals are $5.00 each. Save more money by going to twice a month payroll!

Automatic Draft Billing System- With the same great system that offers you direct deposit capabilities, you may also setup and manage Automatic Billing for monthly recurring bills to your customers. This allows you to offer convenience and security to your customers by establishing a direct draft from your customer’s account. This feature adds the ability to collect funds on a set schedule allowing you faster access to those funds. The system may also free up time for those employees having to process those checks and paper bills. Product available with a one-time setup fee of $75.00. A monthly recurring fee will be imposed based on the number of payment collections you have setup on the system: $25.00 monthly for up to 10 payments, $50.00 monthly for over 10 payments. This monthly fee includes 2 transmittals of payment collection file; additional transmittals are $5.00 each.


Safe Deposit Boxes:


Size Fee 
3x5 $15.00 
3x10 $20.00 
5x5 $25.00 
5x10  $30.00 
10x10 $55.00

Effective August 2006, rental for all new safety deposit boxes will be due annually on the anniversary date.  For safety deposit boxes that were in existence as of July 31st, 2006, rental will be due annually in July at the Russellville office and January at the Lewisburg office.    

**NOTICE:  The contents of your safe deposit box are NOT insured against loss by this financial institution.  For your protection you may wish to obtain your own box content insurance from an insurance company of your own choice.  You should also keep a complete, up to date list and description of all property stored in your safe deposit box.  This inventory and any other proof of ownership documents should be stored in another location, other than your safe deposit box. 

Christmas Club Accounts:
Coupon books are available at either office or if you have a checking account with Lewisburg Banking Company you may request to setup automatic transfers to your Christmas Club Account. Books are available in any increment you choose starting at $1.00. You must make payments in the increment in which your account was opened. Each coupon book contains 50 weekly payments. If you open your account prior to February and make the first 49 payments by the date due, then the bank will make the 50th payment for you. To have the 50th payment paid by the bank, your principal must remain on deposit until checks are mailed out the end of October.
No withdrawals may be made during the plan year without closing the account. If an account is closed prior to the end of the 50th week, then a $20.00 penalty will be imposed on the account. The Christmas Club Account may be opened starting the last week of October. The account will end the following October and a check will be issued at that time.

Individual Retirement Accounts:
All IRA's must be opened with at least $100.00.  Rates/APYs are available by contacting either Lewisburg Banking Company office.

Health Savings Accounts:
All HSA's must be opened with at least $100.00.  Rates/APYs are available by contacting either Lewisburg Banking Company office.






Lewisburg Banking Company provides the following collection services to the community:

South Logan Water Association Payments of the exact amount shown on the bill are accepted until our daily cutoff of 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. on the due date.  A copy of the current bill must be presented in order to make the payment.  Payments are accepted ONLY at our Russellville and Lewisburg Offices.

Logan Telephone Cooperative
:  Payments of the exact amount or over the amount shown on the bill are accepted until our daily cutoff time of 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. on the due date.  A copy of the current bill must be presented in order to make the payment.

Pennyrile Electric Company:  Payments of the exact amount or over the amount shown on the bill are accepted until our daily cutoff time of 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. on the due date.  A copy of the current bill must be presented in order to make the payment.


Retrieve your monthly statements online by going to www.csiesafe.com ! 


Sign Up for Online Banking Statements through the Online Services button on your Online Banking session!

Next Day Delivery

Tired of waiting for you bank statement to be delivered via Postal Service?  With online statements you can retrieve and view your statement by 3:00PM the next business day after the statement cycle cuts at the bank.


Most people have an extensive amount of papers piled up on their desks at home.  With online statement retrieval, the statement is stored online for 90 days.  This gives you plenty of time to save the statements to a disk or to your computer's hard drive.  For additional cost, you may purchase a secure data storage through the CSIeSafe website that the statement is retrieved through.  If you want to print the statement you can, or save it and do not worry about more papers stacking up on your desk.


Retrieving your bank statements online provides more security for your financial records and account numbers.  Most people that receive bank statements via mail have to be concerned with the statements being lost in the mail, stolen, or delivered to the wrong address.  With having the online advantage, there is no worry when you move or change addresses because your email address does not change.  Sign up for online bank statement retrieval and you don't have to be concerned about the security and privacy anymore.

To get signed up for online bank statements just visit one of the two bank offices and request a sign up form.


Prospective depositors and/or borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan, deposit account, or VISA Debit Card. 


Prepaid VISA Gift Cards

  • $3.00 per card
  • Minimum load is $10.00
  • Maximum $750.00
  • No pin number, No ATM, No cash access
  • 5 year expiration date
  • Inactivity fee after 12 months of $4.95 per month


Prepaid VISA Travel Cards

  • $5.00 each
  • Minimum $100.00 to load
  • Maximum $5,000.00
  • Reload fee of $2.50 will be taken off the card balance
  • Pin number, ATM, and cash access
  • 3 year expiration date
  • Inactivity fee after 3 months of $2.00 per month
  • 4 free calls to automated customer service per month
  • 1 free call to a live customer service agent per month

*Notice: Other terms and restrictions may apply.  Prospective borrowers and/or borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan, deposit account, or VISA Debit Card.


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